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The Atkins family are ex-agricultural and livestock farmers, and live in their old farm house, built in the 1700's. Harnessed Echoes seeks to reintroduce this family to farming through an intensive farming technique known as aquaponics; this system grows fish and plants in a closed loop cycle, where the fish waste feeds the plants, and the plants purify the water for the fish.

The species of fish that inhabits the farm is a freshwater member of the cod family, known as burbot. This fish once inhabited the rivers of Britain, but is now extinct in this country. It's flesh is said to taste like lobster, hence it's nickname - poor mans lobster.

The thing that makes the burbot so valuable, though, is its liver oil - eight times as potent as regular cod liver oil. This farm not only breeds the burbot, it processes it's liver, and grows orchids and vegetables, keeping the ex-farmers of the community physically active, healthy, and creates a socialising environment for them and generations to come.

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