Heath town
community gardens

17 / 05 / 21

The Heath Town Community Gardens is an alternative scheme to the Heath Town Community Complex, the site of which currently lies derelict on the corner where Inkerman Street meets the Wednesfield road.. It is a much needed green landscape - designed exclusively for the Heath Town community.

The scheme is designed with three sheltered 'anchor points', which each look out over a scope of landscape, framed with varied layouts of hedges and seating that tactically shift the view of the visitor to the various picturesque views surrounding their chosen route through the gardens.

The corner of the lanscape that lies closest to Inkerman Street has a space for ice-cream vans or food trailers to park in the summer months, evoking interaction and togetherness.

At the opposite end of the scheme lies a small building, theoretically housing a youth club, community meeting space, and toilets. The building also has an upper outdoor space, overlooking the whole of the Gardens.

To the south of this building is a series of planters, designed specifically for those living in nearby flats, with no garden/growing space of their own, and are designed so that 2-3 families share one planter - bringing the community together.

to the rear of the site lie four large undefined spaces that can be developed in the future around whatever the community would like to see in their area (eg. child play area, calistenics exercise area etc.)

The Community building is deliberately left in a conceptual form, as it is not the focus of the scheme, and may be reduced in size, allowing the green landscape to be augmented.

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