Heath town

community complex

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The Heath Town Community Complex is proposed to regenerate the derelict site that was once occupied by the Duke of York pub in Wolverhampton, where Inkerman Street meets the Wednesfield Road.

The first phase (with the green cladding) contains six eateries/restaurants. On the roof of this phase is a series of allotment planters, which provide an opportunity for people in the nearby flats who have no garden of their own, to grow  fruits and vegetables for their family; any surplus crops can be sold in the community space, situated in the second phase of the complex, (with the array of circular windows). This space is also a youth club, hailing back to the dungeon youth club days. In the transition between the two phases lies an outdoor gym, and a monitored child play area. Directly above the youth club is a roof garden. This arrangement inverts the surrounding layout, where green areas are at ground level and you go up into the buildings, in this scheme you must descend to go indoors. The roof garden is divided from a series of prayer booths by a mirrored finish wall with a circular opening, the wall gives the space a larger appearance, while the circular ‘portal’ opening raises curiosity as to what lies beyond, and thus introduces people to God, and evokes a certain amount of reverence for the space.

3.5 Inside Side Eatery
7 Community Garden
8 Prayer Booths
11 Youth Club Phase 2