p__REACH Tract

p__REACH is a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian leaflet/tract ministry - with a difference.

Discarding the usual rectangular format that any document is usually set to, p__REACH incorporates an unprecedented circular format.

The message on each of these tracts is composed of ten or less words - appealing to people of all ages and classes. 

On receiving one of these tracts, the receiver is placed on uncommon ground. Once the message has been read, the circular format of the tract makes them hesitant to throw the document to the ground as they would with any other rectangular leaflet; instead, they put the leaflet in their pocket (designed to be cut from an A6 piece of paper, making it easier to be slipped into any pocket) and forget about it.

days or hours later, on feeling the tract in their pocket, they take it out and re-read it, thus deepening the impression of the message it contains.