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Shaw Road contains a derelict site, where the Strykers Bowling Alley once stood. Through this project, I have sought to 
regenerate this part of the city by designing a student 
accommodation complex, composed of  self-contained 

The scheme contains five blocks. The three smaller blocks each contain six flats (two on each floor), with each flat containing four self-contained studio rooms, and one communal/utility room.

The two larger blocks also each contain six flats, with each flat containing six elf-contained studio rooms, and one 
communal/utility room.

to the south of the car park, there is a reception, and a show studio room, to present to students what their room will look like.

The site is adjacent to the Bushbury Lane bus stop, providing direct access to the university and the city centre.

The form of the scheme is derived from the surrounding 
architecture. The industrial roofs of the surrounding buildings are embodied in the scheme, and also the rear protruding form of the adjacent terraced houses is expressed in the Bushbury Lane facade of the scheme.

As the site sits next to the Shaw Road Disposal Tip site, the scheme sits perpendicular to this site in order to both provide more interesting views from each room, and to reduce the amount of noise penetrating into the building. 

The line of trees framing the north side of the car park  form a sound buffer zone between the accommodation and the tip.

There are quite a number of amenities located near this site for students to enjoy.

Island House Chip Shop, Grill-It, KFC, McDonalds and Hungry Horse are the main eateries in the immediate vicinity.

Aldi, Asda, Co-op and Iceland are only a few bus stops away from the accommodation, and as the scheme is aimed more towards students who drive, these can all be accessed within minutes.

For those students who don’t drive, once socialising with other flatmates occurs, drivers and non-drivers may shop together, augmenting the uni-life experience.

As the rooms of each flat are all self contained, a higher price can be charged for each room, and ownership for any damage will not be a problem.

The communal/ utility rooms each contain a large double-door 
cupboard, suitable for a washer and dryer; also, a television and sofas are located in each communal room, to evoke socialisation between flatmates and any visitors they may be entertaining.


The car park contains 80+ parking spaces, meaning more than one out of every two students can have a car securely parked on-site.

The reception has ample parking for staff and security, and if a member of staff needs to stay on-site, the studio show flat can accommodate them. 

Bushbury Lane View towards Bus Stops
Bushbury Lane View towards KFC
Bushbury Lane View Ground Level